Primos Alpha Dogg I recently bought the Primos Alpha Dogg Predator Call.  I was in desperate need of a call.  I’ve acquired four or five mouth calls over the past year but I’m still new and don’t quite speak the language yet so I did some research and pulled the trigger on the Primos Alpha Dogg.

Primos Alpha Dogg – Unboxing

Primos Alpha DoggThe Primos Alpha Dogg comes almost fully assembled.  The only thing you need to do is pop the carrying handle onto the top but that’s it, no screws or attaching hardware.  Included is the remote, USB cable, and instruction manual.  You will need a total of 11 AA batteries to power the call.  I bought the rechargeable Panasonic Eneloops.

Primos Alpha DoggIn the back of the has a spot to attach the remote for storage or when you’re carrying it around.  You have a few features back here like a jack to attach to a decoy, or attach an external device like a smartphone or iPod with the ability to play sounds.  The call itself is capable of storing around 1,000 sounds.  If you have some super badass sound that you want to play through the Primos Alpha Dogg on your phone then you can do that as well.

Primos Alpha DoggThe remote easy to use and has a large screen which is easy to read.  Without going too much into every setting, a feature that I like is that you can change the theme to the regular day theme (shown above), or a night theme which uses blacks and reds so you don’t need to worry about your eyes readjusting.  On the bottom of the call is a tripod mounting point for you to easily attach to a tripod.

How To Use The Primos Alpha Dogg

Primos Alpha DoggThis call has a ton of features and is simple to use.  When you’re storing the Primos Alpha Dogg, the legs will be folded up, covering and protecting the side speakers.  All you do is fold them down, fold out the speakers and adjust them however you want.

Primos Alpha DoggNow all you need to do is power on the call and remote.  As soon as you turn both components on, the remote will begin searching for the speakers.  Once you have a connection it will bring up the main menu on the remote’s screen.  After that all you do is find a sound that you want and hit play.  You’re able to change the volume, pause, play, and set up playlist right on the remote.  You can also set up hot keys, and control the decoy with the remote.  The remote says it’s capable of reaching 200 yards which is plenty.

Randy Anderson Complete Hunts

One of the most badass things about the Primos Alpha Dogg is the complete hunts they have programmed into the remote.  Basically their professional callers put together 6 different hunts that last up to 30 minutes on a playlist.  All you need to do is press play and wait.  The call will automatically go through the list which will include periods of silence.  It also adjusts the volume so you don’t need to worry about anything but watching out for the animals!

Also, the instruction manual comes with a bunch of tips from Primos professional caller, Randy Anderson.

What I Don’t Like About The Primos Alpha Dogg

For the most part, the call is great.  The volume is awesome, it’s built solid, and it’s easy to use.  It has a carrying handle but it’s still sort of bulky and annoying to carry if you need to hike a distance.  It would be nice if they had somewhere to attach a sling, strap, or some 550 cord.  I’ve read that the more expensive Primos Boss Dogg comes with a carrying strap.  It’s really not a deal breaker for me though.

I’m pretty sure that the remote needs a direct line of sight to the speakers.  I was laying on top of a hill and the speaker unit was about 65 yards away from me at the bottom of the hill.  I was on a ridge and when the remote was laying on the ground, it would sometimes pause itself or stop playing because it couldn’t connect to the speakers.  Once I held it up for a few seconds it would continue on with the playlist.  Again, not a big deal but definitely something to think about when you’re setting it up.  All in all I like the call and am super happy with my purchase!  If you have any questions or want to know more let me know!  Happy Hunting!