October Hunting Report

October was an unbelievable month for hunting.  Unbelievable in that I wasn’t able to get out even one day this month.  I didn’t fire a single weapon the entire month.  Work was insane and what little time I had at home was spent with the kids or fixing up my house.  I did get a few things accomplished though.

Javelina Hunting

October 13th was the deadline for submitting for the Javelina draw.  I got my application submitted with a few friends so we’ll see how it goes.  I should know by the beginning of December whether or not I’ve been drawn.  If I get it, I’ll be hunting them mid January so I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

Last year’s Javelina hunt had it’s pro’s and con’s.  I didn’t kill an animal but I learned so much since it was really my first time bowhunting.  Long story short, I didn’t take the one shot I had because good shot placement was tough and I didn’t want to just turn the pig into a pin cushion.  This time will be much different!

Deer Hunting

There wasn’t much for me to do this month for deer hunting.  The archery season doesn’t open up down where I’m at until December 11th.  November I have a few places picked out that I’m going to start scouting so hopefully I get in to something,  People I work with tell me that they’ve seen a ton of deer out here so hopefully they continue to hit the same spots now that the weather is cooling down.

Quail Hunting

Quail season in AZ opened up this month.  Again, I’ve been too busy to get out and shoot at birds but on my way back from scouting for deer on the weekends, I’ll most likely stop off at a few spots and see what the quail are doing here.  The problem here is they like to hug the roads and rivers where you shouldn’t really be shooting.  Smart little bastards they can be…


Hunting Totals For October

  • Dove – 0
  • Quail – 0
  • Deer – 0
  • Coyote – 0
  • Javelina – 0

Hunting Totals For The Year

  • Dove – 15
  • Quail – 0
  • Deer – 0
  • Coyote – 0
  • Javelina – 0

What’s Next?

Like I said earlier, November is going to be scouting for deer.  I’ve been thinking about getting the predator calls out and giving coyotes a shot (pun) now that the weather is getting better.  The pups are getting big enough to venture out on their own and are still dumb enough to come to an electronic call so we’ll give it a go.  I’ve also got a vendetta with a certain fox….

Hunting Goals

This list will grow and I’ll cross them off as I get them but I’ll leave them on the list so I know what I’ve done.  I’m always up for a challenge so if you have an idea let me know and maybe I’ll add it to the list.

  • Get my first kill with my bow
  • Kill a deer with my bow
  • Kill a coyote with my bow
  • Kill a fox with my bow
  • Kill a black bear with my bow
  • Kill an elk with my bow
  • Kill a javelina with my bow

Well this pretty much sums up October’s hunting report.  If you’ve made it this far thanks for taking the time to read this.  I’m always looking for tips and advice so don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or shoot me an email on facebook.

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