Military Discounts – A List Of Amazing Deals For Military Members

A ton of companies out there offer military discounts.  Below is a list I’ve compiled of businesses that offer military discounts.  I’ve personally contacted every company listed and verified their discount.  Hopefully this helps and you don’t have to spend all of your time contacting these companies.  Obviously you will need to prove that you’re military.  Some companies have you email them from your .mil address.  Or, you can send them a copy of your ID card, or DD-214.

To the companies that offer these discounts, thank you!

Military Discounts – Optics

  • Leupold Military Discount – Send an email to from your military email and they will give you their military price list.  For more information, visit the Leupold Military/LE Website.

Military Discounts – Archery

  • Carbon Express – They offer a 25% discount.  You can order 2 dozen arrows and 5 accessories per year at this discounted price.  Send them an email from their contact page to be enrolled in the program.
  • Spot Hogg – You are offered two items at 25% off.  For Spot Hogg, it’s a one time deal, not yearly.  Here is a link to their contact page.  Send them a note and they’ll get you all of the info you need!
  • Eders – Visit and receive a complimentary membership, and discounts throughout the store.

Military Discounts – Knives

  • Benchmade – You’re afforded a 30% discount on their knives, plus access to their automatic knives!  Click here to go to the Benchmade Military Discount page.
  • Gerber – You need to sign up here, then you have access to all of their military pricing.

Military Discounts – Apparel

  • Oakley – Visit, sign up, and once verified you get a discount on Oakley gear.

If you know of a discount that you think we should add to our list, send us a note –

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