My Mathews Chill R Setup

I finally bought my first bow.  My best friend has been trying to talk me into buying a bow for many years and I finally did it.  Below, I’ll show you what I got.

Mathews Chill R


After shooting quite a few different bows, I pulled the trigger on the Mathews Chill R.  When I shot this bow, it was love at first sight.  If you’re new to bowhunting, and want to buy a bow.  I’ll write up something about all the research I did to give you and idea on where to start and how to go about buying your first bow.

The Mathews Chill R is amazing.  It feels perfect in my hand, shoots amazing, and is gorgeous to look at.  Lets accessorize!

Trophy Ridge – React Sights

 I bought the Trophy Ridge React 5 Pin Sights.  Basically I chose them because I’m new to archery and wanted to make sighting in my bow easier.  I will say this, these sights are extremely easy to set up and I love them!  I took a little extra time to set them up because I suck at shooting right now but I think they’re pretty dialed in now.  They’re not too pricey, look great and are awesome if you want something that’s simple to sight in.

AXT Titanium Recon Arrow Rest


I chose the AXT Titanium Recon Rest because I had read good reviews online.  Ultimately, I like this rest.  If you’re looking for a rest that will flip up while you draw then this isn’t the rest you want.  You need to flip it to the up position yourself prior to drawing the bow or else it’s not going to work.  Nice thing is that if you need to let down, it will stay in the up position.  It will only drop if you shoot an arrow, or push the button.

Bee-Stinger Pro Hunter Maxx Stabilizer

The Bee Stinger Pro Hunter Maxx Stabilizer is good for me.  It’s rather heavy but I need it.  I like that the weight is all the way out on the end.  You’re able to add and reduce the weight if wanted, and they have it in a Lost Camo which matches my bow.

Tight Spot Quiver


The TightSpot Quiver is awesome.  It’s extremely light and fits perfect on my bow.  I really like how close it sits to the bow.  You barely notice it and it doesn’t throw off the weight at all (from what I’ve noticed.

So, that’s basically my bow set up.  I’m loving it right now.  For the time being, I bought some cheap arrows, Blazer vanes, a fletching jig, SKB bow case and some other small things.  I think it’s a pretty good start.  There is still a ton of stuff that I want but I’m good for now.  Time to learn how to shoot!

Let me know what your setup is in the comments!

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