Gun Skins Gun Wrap Review

Gun skins are basically a temporary, inexpensive way to wrap your gun and protect it from the elements while providing you and additional layer of camouflage.  The gun skins that I will be reviewing are from

gun skins

Image from sells gun skins for anything you can think of wrapping.  They have kits designed for specific weapons, like your AR-15, shotgun, or pistol.  These kits come with precut pieces that you basically peel off, set on your weapon and go over with a heat gun to set it in place and form it to whatever you’re wrapping.  They also sell large sheets that allow you to cut out whatever you want so you can wrap pretty much anything else like optics, cell phone cases, magazines, you name it.

Using Gun Skins

I got my hands on a gun skin for my AR-15 and wanted to find out how easy it was to install them (video below).  I will say that it was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  The pieces fit perfectly and didn’t really require me to cut them to fit at all.  The only parts I had to cut out were for my stock and barrel.

The only issue I ran into was installing the pieces on my rails.  I found it difficult to get in between the rails but I was able to with the back of a pen that I had handy so I was able to make it work.  I contacted the customer service and they told me that you can use a small squeegee to get in between the rails.  They also have an installation kit that you can get from them to help as well.  The customer service was extremely helpful with the questions I had for them.

Gun Skins Final Thoughts

These gun skins are easy to install, look great, and offer my gun extra protection.  They’re not too hard to install and the company has outstanding customer service.  I would definitely recommend getting a gun skin from them if you’re in the market for a way to wrap your gun.  If you have questions for me leave a comment below or find me on facebook/twitter/instagram or

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