Fox Hunt – Fox Attacks Hunter

I’ve been chasing this fox around for about a month now. He’s very elusive but I’m determined to get him

Fox hunt – Day 1

This all began as a coyote hunt with a buddy from work. I have a spot that I like and I know that there are quail in the area so while he’s hunting coyote with his AR, I’ll be chasing quail with my shotgun.  Our plan was to place a call in a bush and hide about twenty yards away just to see what happens.
The call we are using is a cell phone with the iHunt app installed connected to a Bluetooth speaker.
we get everything set up, the piercing sound of a jackrabbit in distress begins echoing through the hills and before we even get hidden behind our bush a gray fox appears out of nowhere. He sees us before we see him and by the time we realize an animal is near, he bolts off and we don’t see him again. We stayed on the area calling for about an hour and a half and finally leave without seeing anything.
Now that I know there is a fox in the area I can’t stop thinking about my bow. I still have not killed an animal with it and for my first one to be a gray fox would be a big accomplishment in my book.

Fox Hunt – Day 2

After an entire week of constantly thinking about the fox, Saturday finally arrives so I pack up my bow and head back to my spot. I get my camera set up and take my position on the side of a hill against a boulder. The rock gives me plenty of concealment with enough space to fire my bow. Once I get in place I waited about ten minutes and start calling.
At this point I’m not thinking that I will see the fox but I’m hoping for at least a coyote. I’m calling for about thirty minutes and in comes my fox. He cones in at around 80 yards and follows the base of the hill across from me. Every time I hit the call he stops briefly but continues on his path never getting any closer than 80 yards which is much further than I’m confident in sending an arrow. He walks off and after another 30 minutes of calling I packed up and headed home.

Fox Hunt – Day 3

I spent the next week formulating a new plan on how I’m going to get this fox. I’m done thinking about coyotes at this point. Now I’m looking at maps and analyzing everything like I’m studying the competition before the Superbowl. I decide that I should head further north where he was heading last weekend. If I’m perched up on the hills in that area, there is plenty of cover and at most I would have to take a 30 yard shot which is right in my comfort zone.
I get out there and unpack like I usually do. The camera is rolling and I start calling. Long story short, I didn’t see him so I packed up and went home.
I decide that the best thing I can do is go back to my original spot and try the next day.

Fox Hunt – Day 4

fox hunt

Today was a roller coaster of emotions. I’m driving to my spot. Get all the way there and realize I left my quiver with all of my arrows at home. I waste 40 minutes retrieving my arrows and finally get set up. The camera is tolling and I start calling. I’m calling for 20 minutes with no results until I switch to a high pitched mouse type call. Almost immediately after my first blow, the fox comes bolting straight at me. I didn’t see him at first but I randomly looked to my left and the fox is running right at me. We scared the hell out of each other and he turned right around and ran the direction he came from. I stood up and went to draw my bow back because he was now about 20 yards away peeking his head out from behind a rock and if he came out at all I wanted to send him an arrow but he didn’t stay there long before he was gone. At this point it was getting dark so I decided to pack up and leave.

I think next time I’m going to take someone out there with me for a couple of reasons. It’s always good to have a second set of eyes especially since there are mountain lion in the area. This could also prevent me from being surprised like this again and a fox jumping in my lap. I’ll go out again this weekend and add to this post so make sure to subscribe so you know right when there’s an update!

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