October Hunting Report

October was an unbelievable month for hunting.  Unbelievable in that I wasn’t able to get out even one day this month.  I didn’t fire a single weapon the entire month.  Work was insane and what little time I had at home was spent with the kids or fixing up my house.  I did get a […]

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September 2015 Hunting Report

deer hunting

September was the beginning of my hunting season.  Archery deer began at the very end of August and went through the beginning of September and dove season goes for two weeks starting on the 1st. Deer Hunting I went out for four nights up north of Prescott, AZ.  I had a few spots where I had […]

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Dove Hunting – The Complete Guide

It’s that time of the year and hunting season is just about to kick off.  You’ve always wanted to go dove hunting but you’re not too sure where to start.  Here we will show you everything you need to know about dove hunting to set yourself up for a successful shoot.  Dove hunting is different […]

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Australia Goat Hunt

goat hunting

This was sent all the way from Australia by a hunter that will go by Hardxsun.  This is a great story about his hunt from earlier this year and I definitely look forward to reading more from him in the future. In June my mate and I packed the ute and headed to his property in the […]

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Dove Hunting – My First Dove Hunt

Dove Hunting

September 1st, 2014 was my first time dove hunting.  It seems like every year I’ve tried to go something has come up and I’ve had to cancel.  This year I was finally able to go.  Time to knock the dust of the shotgun and start putting together a plan of attack. Dove Hunting – Target […]

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