Gun Skins Gun Wrap Review

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 8.20.11 PM

Gun skins are basically a temporary, inexpensive way to wrap your gun and protect it from the elements while providing you and additional layer of camouflage.  The gun skins that I will be reviewing are from sells gun skins for anything you can think of wrapping.  They have kits designed for specific weapons, […]

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Best Mechanical Broadhead

archery competition

What Is The Best Mechanical Broadhead? Choosing the best mechanical broadhead can be as complicating as choosing the best arrow shaft.  There are so many choices, each with their own benefits and “science” behind their design, and everyone has their own personal preference as to which one they consider the best mechanical broadhead. Before I […]

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Primos Alpha Dogg Predator Call

Primos Alpha Dogg

 I recently bought the Primos Alpha Dogg Predator Call.  I was in desperate need of a call.  I’ve acquired four or five mouth calls over the past year but I’m still new and don’t quite speak the language yet so I did some research and pulled the trigger on the Primos Alpha Dogg. Primos Alpha […]

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Trophy Ridge React Pro Bow Sights Review

Trophy Ridge React Pro

Trophy Ridge React Pro – Contents Unboxing Specs Using the Sights Overview When I first heard of the Trophy Ridge React sights I was super excited because being new to archery, any advantage I could get when sighting in my bow I would certainly jump on.  I bought the original Trophy Ridge React 5 pin […]

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JoJan Fletching Jig Review

JoJan Fletching Jig

This is my review of the JoJan Fletching Jig. If you’re looking for a good fletching jig, definitely take a look at this one!

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