Carbon Express Arrows – Long Work Week – Police

So, I had every intention on filming a video.  The Police kind of cut filming short so instead, you get an article and a cool PhotoShopped image from screenshots of the video I started for your Monday morning.  Today I’m going to tell you about my week, how the cops ruined my day, and ask for your help with a Carbon Express issue.  Let’s get with the fun stuff first.

One Hell of a Work Week

Last week was brutal at work.  We have a lot going on right now so I basically worked six 12 hour shifts.  I get done with work, come home and bust out homework, play with the kids if they’re still awake, and crash out.  This weekend was much needed!  I didn’t think I was working on Saturday so my intention was to shoot my bow all weekend.  Friday afternoon my dreams were crushed when we got the call that we were working.  Oh well, there’s always Sunday, right?!

What Did NWA Say About The Police?

Okay so I live on the Marine Corps Air Station in base housing.  There is an archery range off base but it’s a long drive that I don’t feel like doing when I just want to shoot for a little bit.  Like I said, last week sucked and I’ve been looking forward to shooting for a long time.  Finally I find time to shoot!  I load up my target, bow, and what little arrows I have left and head to my spot on base.  Now, the reason I think it’s okay to shoot on base is because I have friends with the MP’s who said to go for it, and if I run into issues to let them know.  I get to my spot, get everything set up, hit record on the camera and let an arrow fly.  BOOM, it hit right where I wanted it to.  I nock a second arrow and stop because I hear a vehicle and am assuming it’s the MP’s.  Sure enough, the fun patrol was here and they told me to pack it up and go home.  I got one shot.  One freaking shot and now I find myself on my way back home.  Oh well, I guess one shot is better than no shots!  FYI, today I find out if they will let me continue shooting on base.  Finger’s crossed!  Not only did I just want to shoot but I have a question about Carbon Express Arrows that I wanted to put out there, and possibly get your help with.

Carbon Express Arrows

The purpose of me filming a video was to get a question out there.  I’m down to my last few arrows from my original dozen.  I get a military deal on Carbon Express so I decided to order through them.  Everything went well and I got myself some Carbon Express PileDriver Hunters.  The arrows show up and now I have 2 dozen new, uncut arrows waiting for me to assemble.  Then I start to think about it and the more I do that, the more I really don’t want these arrows.  There’s really two reasons why I’m concerned about the PileDrivers:

  1. The Carbon Express PileDriver Hunters are HEAVY! – An assembled 31 inch arrow (I’m a big dude), with a 100 grain field tip will weigh approximately 550 grains.  I figure that wouldn’t be too bad for hunting but I do know that it’s going to slow them down quite a bit.  I’m still very new to this and trying to learn if I want a super fast arrow, or a slower arrow that hits harder.  Whatever I end up with will be something that I shoot 3d and hunt with.
  2. I don’t like the camouflage  wrapping.  I’ve seen some crazy images of arrows breaking and going through the shooter’s hand.  I’m very cautious about checking my arrows prior to shooting.  If it has a wrapping like these do, how am I supposed to know if an arrow is cracked or messed up at all?

I was thinking about getting the PileDriver Pass Through Extremes instead.  Maybe some of you experienced shooters out there can give me some advice.   Anyways, that was my week and this is my dilemma.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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