Bushmaster xm15-e2s


I finally got myself an AR and I’m pretty happy with my purchase.  As you can see, I got myself a Bushmaster XM15-e2s.  I did a lot of shopping around and ended up getting this one with a few upgrades, which I’ll go over in a moment, for under $1,000.

I will say this though, although I did research AR’s online, this was an impulse purchase because the stars aligned and I couldn’t wait any longer because I’m impatient and undisciplined when I find a toy that I want so, that’s how I ended up with this one.  I bought the rifle and have since researched the hell out of it and it seems that I have a hot topic rifle.  Some people love their Bushmaster XM15-e2s and others think of it as the biggest piece of shit to ever grace the ass cheeks of the AR Gods.  I’ll break down a few parts and let you know what I’m talking about.

Bushmaster XM15-e2s – Is that a Fluted Barrel?

Bushmaster xm15-e2sI’m not an armorer, working on and knowing everything about guns is not my profession, and all I can give you is an honest opinion about what I personally like and dislike about the weapon.  I will also share what others are saying about some of the parts that I have on this rifle, and what I want to change in the future.

Yes, my rifle has a fluted barrel.  Some will say that this is just something that companies do and is strictly for cosmetic purposes, offering absolutely nothing for you other than costing more.  Other super nerds will give you calculations and mathematical equations that will show you the difference in surface area between fluted/non-fluted barrels and explain how it allows the barrel to cool quicker.  Me personally, I didn’t buy it for the fluted barrel.  Matter of fact, it’s a 14.5 inch barrel with the compensator permanently fixed to the end.  I will be switching out the barrel in the future because I’m not a fa of the BS restrictions with the shorter barrels.  I’ll probably end up with a 16 inch barrel, most likely made by FNH or Colt.

Bushmaster xm15-e2sThis weapon came with some badass (at least I think it’s badass) Yankee Hill Machine parts.  The hand guards for example are 4 rail, metal hand guards.  Unfortunately it’s not a free floating barrel but that’s going to change when I switch out the barrel.  Also, my Bushmaster XM15-e2s came with some YHM flip-up sights.  They’re awesome and easy to use/set up.

Bushmaster xm15-e2sHere’s the problem I ran into and maybe you can help me with this.  Take a look at the above photo and notice how far to the left the rear sight aperture is.  In order for me to hit a target, with zero wind, at 100 yards I had to adjust them that far to the left.  If I have any wind from the left, I’m screwed because the sights are pretty much out of room to move.  I’ve since added a scope and removed the rear sights but I enjoy firing with iron sights so hopefully there’s a fix for this.

Bushmaster xm15-e2s


If you’re looking at new grips, I will say that these Ergo Grips are awesome! I don’t know what to really say other than the grips are very comfortable, much more so than stock grips.

Is the Bushmaster XM15-e2s Mil-Spec?

No.  No, not at all.  Here’s a quick down and dirty of how mil-spec the Bushmaster XM15-e2s is not.

  • First, the buffer tube is a commercial tube, not a mil-spec tube.  You can tell by removing the adjustable stock and looking at the aft end of the buffer tube.  If it’s straight, it’s mil-spec and if it’s angled it’s commercial.
  • The Bushmaster XM15-e2s’s bolt carrier group is a semi-auto BCG.
  • The castle nut on my rifle isn’t staked which I’m okay with because it’s going to make it easier to change out the buffer tube.
  • The gas key is staked which is something that’s pretty important to have.  If you don’t know what that is, remove the bolt carrier group and look at the two screws on the top.  If they’ve taken a punch to prevent the screws from backing out then it’s staked.  If not, it’s probably a good idea to take it in and get it done.
  • It has a forward assist and ejection port cover.
  • Mine did not come with fixed A2 front sights.  I have the YHM flip-up sights

Bushmaster xm15-e2s

Overall View of the Bushmaster XM15-e2s

This rifle shoots great for me.  I really don’t care too much about the whole mil-spec thing because there are parts out there that are better than the “mil-spec” parts but I will be changing out some of the parts, i.e. the BCG.  For me, I’m not a competition shooter so all I need is a reliable rifle and so far, the Bushmaster XM15-e2s chambers, shoots, extracts, and repeats the process without screwing up and it’s pretty accurate so I really have no complaints.

That about sums it up.  Definitely let me know if there’s anything I can do about the issue with the flip-up sights in the comments below.