best mechanical broadheadWhat Is The Best Mechanical Broadhead?

Choosing the best mechanical broadhead can be as complicating as choosing the best arrow shaft.  There are so many choices, each with their own benefits and “science” behind their design, and everyone has their own personal preference as to which one they consider the best mechanical broadhead.

Before I bought broadheads I did extensive research on the different brands and what they had to offer.  It was a little overwhelming.  I finally decided to go with the Swhacker 1.75″ 100gr mechanical broadheads.

Why Are Swhacker Broadheads The Best?

They may be the best and they might not be.  What I like is the science behind how they work.  They’re designed to not open up until they get past the ribcage, giving you a fresh set of blades to take them through the animal.  All of the videos I’ve seen have shown that the Swhacker mechanical broadheads are extremely durable.  While other’s, like Rage, break blades during testing, the Swhackers hold up through the same tests which include passing through a shoulder.  They’re just tough all around broadheads.

There are quite a few videos showcasing the capabilities of the Swhacker broadheads.  Below is one of them showing how they hold up when shot through a deer hide/shoulder and ballistics gel.  You’re able to see how they work and the damage they’re capable of.

Are Swhacker Mechanical Broadheads the best?  Like I said, everybody has a personal preference and most broadheads will kill an animal with no problems.  Friends of mine that have switched to the Swhackers say that they are the best mechanical broadhead they’ve ever used.  They say that the amount of blood loss caused by these broadheads is unreal and every kill they’ve had has happened quickly and tracking the animal was easier thanks to the giant blood trail.

What would you say is the best mechanical broadhead?  Let us know what you use and why you think it’s the best!