trophy ridge react

I bought the Trophy Ridge React bow sights and kept them for about two months before I moved on.  These sights have their pro’s and con’s and I’ll get to that but first, let me say that this is my honest opinion about these sights.  Some of you that are attached at the hip with Trophy Ridge might not like what I have to say and I’m fine with that because I think it’s important for people to hear the good AND the bad about a product.

trophy ridge react bow sights

Why Did I Buy The Trophy Ridge React?

When I was new to archery I was looking for a sight that would be easy to adjust and sight in.  The Trophy Ridge React caught my attention because of its React technology. They say that you can have it completely sighted in very quickly which is absolutely true.

Trophy Ridge React Specs

  • Ballistix CoPolymer System
  • Multiple mounting holes for more versatility
  • 100% Tool-less micro-adjustment
  • Rheostat light
  • .019 Fiber optic pins
  • Sight level

How To Sight In The Trophy Ridge React Sights

These sights proved to be very easy to sight in.  The first thing you need to do is sight in your 20 yard pin.  After you’re done with that, you can choose any distance you want (i.e. 30-60 yards) and sight that one in with the top knob. You’ll notice that when you turn this knob, all of the pins (except the 20 yard pin) adjust.  Once you’ve spent time sighting in those two pins, all five pins will be done.  So, supposing you sight in 20 and 40 yards.  If you go back to 60 yards, you should be pretty damn close to the center of the target.

I have to say that this works extremely well.  I’ve spent very little time sighting in and the pins are spot on.  The React technology makes sighting in your bow painless.

Why I Returned The Trophy Ridge React

The only problem I had with these sights is that they’re plastic.  This is nice because it saves weight but they’re weak.  If you bump them on a tree or rocks or whatever, there’s a good chance they’re going to break.  I tried installing the dovetail for my quiver on them and the screw holes stripped out.  I could have probably fixed it by drilling out the holes and installing metal threads but I figured it wasn’t worth the time.  I went ahead and returned them and bought the Spot-Hogg Hogg-it Hunter sights.

I’ve been told quite a bit that Trophy Ridge has amazing customer service and would have probably fixed them for free which is great but I didn’t want plastic gear on my bow.  

I said that I would buy the React sights again if they made them metal which they finally did and I kept my word.  Read my review on them here.

Let me know what you think and if you have questions leave them in the comments below.  Thanks!