As of today, I’m a 31 year old guy living in Arizona.  Up to this point, I’ve never really hunted much.  This is where you are asking where I get off building a website called the Hunting HQ, and I’ve never hunted…  Here’s the thing, this is where you get the opportunity to watch me learn.  This is going to do a lot for all of us.  If you’re an experienced old timer then you can definitely make your advice public, and if you’re new like me, you have the opportunity to watch and learn from me.

Background – Personal Life

Okay, right now I’ve been in the Marine Corps for 12 years.  I’m married and have child number 5 baking in mama’s oven as we speak!  My family is my life!  We’ve recently been brought to Arizona where we have lived for the past couple of years.  Previously we lived in California which was a nightmare for owning guns, but great for relaxing by the beach.  Now Arizona provides us as much beach as we can handle, we’re just waiting for the water to go with it!  Now that I’m back in my home state of AZ, I plan on building my armory of weapons and getting serious about hunting!

Background – Hunting

So, growing up we didn’t have guns in the house.  My parents didn’t hunt and outdoors stuff like that just wasn’t our thing.  Just prior to graduating high school I finally shot a gun for the first time.  A good friend took me out quail hunting.  We didn’t see any birds but we damn sure shot the hell out of some glass bottles.  From then on I was hooked.

Okay so now I’m in the Marine Corps and there is absolutely no time for guns, or any sort of fun.  Not to mention that I had a different type of people I was hanging out with and our interests didn’t include hunting.  In 2009 at the age of 26 (I think) I finally bought myself a Remington 870.  I’ve been out a few times over the years, quail hunting but usually come up with nothing but a Jackrabbit.  It’s definitely fun though, being outside hiking around with friends.  It’s like they say, I’ll take a bad day hunting over a good day at work anytime!  Throughout the years I always hear my peers and some of the older guys talking about their big game hunts.  Sitting in a tree stand, or stalking some elk, or deer and how they were successful, or how they screwed it all away.  I want this!  The only thing I ever get to speak about is that dumb covey of quail that I chased around for an hour and a half, and finally gave up because I was sick of crawling through the cat claw.

My best friend has been trying to talk me into buying a bow for many years.  Finally, I was able to afford one so I went all out, and got myself a Mathews Chill R, and all of the goodies to go with it.

This is where my journey begins!  Now that I have this bow, I want to know everything there is to know about hunting.  So, that brings us here.  As I learn and find new things, I plan on sharing them.  Maybe you’re new and looking for advice; well you can learn from what I’ve done.

If you ever have tips, questions, or just want to shoot the shit with me, send an email at